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Best of Beauty 2019 | Makeup, Skincare + Haircare

I tried so many new products in 2019, it's incredible! I had so much fun mixing up my beauty routine this past year and ended up falling in love with several goodies in the process! Here are my top beauty picks of 2019:


I remember I tried this for the first time the morning I was to get on an airplane. I was so excited to use it but also thinking that the first time I wore it couldn't really be the first impression because of how oily I get on planes. Much to my surprise, this cream (used as a foundation) looked incredible even after a 4 hour flight! I have no idea what is in this stuff but they need to sell it in larger quantities because I can't get enough.

I know this was all over your Instagram and YouTube feeds but the hype is real, everyone! This powder applies so beautifully and made my skin look seriously airbrushed. I used this all summer long and my skin didn't get too oily nor did it look too matte - it was perfect!

I think I bought three or four of this product in 2019. The luminosity and hydration this gives me, without looking oily, is incredible! Not only does it look great under makeup but it is perfect to wear with a little SPF when going bare; it's beautiful!


Bare Minerals Bronzer (discontinued!!)

I am so devastated that this was discontinued! I found a similar - possibly the replacement - version here. I do have this in a sample size and I have to tell you, it's just not the same! The one I love (in the square packaging) just gives me the best and most natural glow. I am trying so hard not to use it all and to only save it for special occasions as the day I hit pan will be one of the saddest of the year (insert small violin).

I am so obsessed with this blush! I have used this countless times and there is still so much product left to be used! The glow that this gives to my skin is unparalleled and the shades are all so stunning it was hard to choose just one! So, in 2020, you better believe my goal is to have all five shades in my collection.

I was actually so happily surprised by how much I used this blush trio. The peach and coral tones in this palette were perfect for summer and the pigment is amazing - it lasted all day! I also love that not all three shades are matte/shimmer; there is a good balance!


I was a little late to the Kush Mascara party but now that I am here...woah! My lashes look so long and full and dark and perfect when I wear this mascara! This product doesn't flake or run on me and lasts all day long. I have had more compliments on my lashes since wearing this and I don't plan to ever not have this in my collection.

I found this when I was getting my brows done at Ulta a few years back and I rediscovered my love for it in 2019! I had a tragic waxing accident a few years back...someone decided I didn't need a tail on my brow; so, I have been trying to grow it back ever since. I don't know what is in this cute little pen packaging but I can honestly say that it single handedly grew (read: saved!) my brows. I have a tail again, guys!

I don't wear mascara without this product anymore; it is just not the same! This lash primer gives so much extra body and lift and life to my lashes that I didn't know I wanted. This is a super affordable alternative to lash extensions or lash serums as it does an awesome job of fluffing the lashes and giving them some body and length. Trust me, you need to try this out!


Not only does this lip gloss smell like cupcakes but it also gives me the most beautiful glossy juicy lip ever! Sephora used to carry more than one shade but it looks like that is all that's left! So, I found them here for you in all other shades! They are so gorgeous and a true staple in my collection.

Obsessed is not even the right word for how much I adore these two lip products. I obviously couldn't choose one or the other because they're literally the same in two different packages. I don't know who at Laneige came up with this idea but it is brilliant! As soon as I saw my favorite lip mask in a cute little pink travel tube, you better believe I snatched up two!

Any time my lips need a little pick-me-up I turn to this product. All it takes is one small pea-sized drop and all of two minutes for my lips to be soft and ready for my lippie. I love to use this before bed followed by my lip mask and/or before I apply a matte lip. Either way, it is that perfect - not harsh like a scrub - product to exfoliate and hydrate my lips.


I am kicking myself for not trying Retinol sooner and I am kicking myself even harder for not trying this specific Retinol product before 2019. My skin has honestly never looked better than it does right now at the end of 2019. I attribute that to many things but this is absolutely one of them. Again, this is a product I never want to be without but I do want to try the Luna Oil and see how it compares - so, maybe I'll go without for a few months just to do a little test!

This product is newer in my collection but I have quickly fallen head-over-heels for it! This cleansing oil takes off all makeup and leaves my skin so incredibly soft I can't even believe it. Seriously, every night I am in awe of how buttery smooth my skin feels!

Another life-changing product is this toner from OleHenricksen. As I am sure you saw as well, this brand marketed this toner hard. Everyone was using it and reviewing it and raving about it! I had never struggled with dark spots or scarring until this year when I went off of birth control. Ever since then, my blemishes leave behind dark/red spots that are tough to hide against my fair skin. This toner has almost completely cleared them up! It has gotten to a point where I notice either old spots coming back out or new spots forming if I don't use this toner in my nighttime routine.

A classic of 2019! I feel like everyone was into this product except for me. I even did a blog post on how much I disliked this product and how it made my skin breakout in tiny bumps all over my face; I even returned the first bottle of it! But, something in me decided to give it another shot and I am glad I did! This mask has been heavenly on my skin and I don't think I will ever find another that compares.

The number of compliments I got on my skin when I first started using this product is pretty incredible. I even got three of my friends hooked on it just from them seeing how glowy and naturally radiant my skin was looking. This product doesn't come with application instructions (that I saw!) so I actually apply this toner with my hands in the morning before any other skincare. The hydration and toning powers it has delivered to my skin has been amazing; I can't recommend it enough!


While this product was #gifted I genuinely love this cream! I use it more so as a leave-in conditioner and my hair stays so soft and has the prettiest bend in it. It also smells incredible so it's safe to say I am in love.

Again, while I was #gifted this product, it's one of the coolest, most unique and raved about products of 2019 for me. The concept of dry shampoo paste blew my mind and has been in my hair every week since I got it. I love to use this for volume and for days when my hair needs a little TLC. On crazy bad hair days, I like to use this in combination with a typical spray dry shampoo. Either way, it's a win-win for my hair.

This is hands down the most used styling product in my collection. This wand was on my Christmas list last year and I am so happy Santa decided to share it with me! I have never had a wand work as well as this one. It heats up incredibly fast, gives me the prettiest waves in my hair and the waves actually last for days! I love this wand and suggest it to everyone looking for body or wave in their hair. It's the best!

That was a lot! But, all worth the mentions. I love beauty so much sometimes it's just too much. Seriously, I want it all! I am really looking forward to 2020 beauty launches and trends. I have a feeling it's going to go the ultra-natural route: all about glowing skin and clean beauty. What is your prediction? Let me know!

*Post inspired by Allana Davison



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