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Current Favorite Podcasts & Books | 12 Days of Blogging

I have slowly but surely become a podcast junkie! I listen to, on average, one podcast a day. I like to mix it up and gain knowledge on several different topics so I can make my thoughts and opinions more diverse. Having said that...don't judge me for how eclectic my preferences really have been lately!

And so many more!

Okay, you may see a theme here...Self-Help, Finances and True Crime. I told you I like to be diverse! My book preferences also follow that same token. Here's what I've read recently!

The above books are ones that I have read and that have made an impact on me. The next few are on my ThriftBooks wishlist and I have been eyeing them for months. One of these days I will get around to ordering them! I just love having a physical book in my hand. If I read off of a kindle or my phone, it's just not the same!

Big Magic (I have already read this but want a copy of my own because I loved it so much!)

The Highly Sensitive Person (I mean, come on, this is me!)

Now, if I go onto my ThirftBooks app and all of these books are gone...1) enjoy the read! 2) that's just cruel to take them from me! (just kidding, kind of) If you do pick these up, please let me know your thoughts! In fact, comment below what your favorite books are and which you think I need to read.



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