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Current Makeup Routine | When No One is Going to See Me But I Want to Look Cute Anyway

As like most of you, I am not seeing many people these days. I see my boyfriend and my dog and sometimes friends and family over FaceTime. However, for the days that I still want to look cute, even with no one to purposefully {or accidentally} run into, these are my go-to products.

Becca Under Eye Brightener (Light to Medium)

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer (I think it is discontinued but linked similar!)

NudeStix Matte Blush (Naughty N' Spice)

All of these products combined give me a lovely glow that doesn't end up looking sweaty at the end of the day. I feel put together and, often times, more productive as it sort of tricks my brain into thinking I am going into the office {oh, how I wish!}.

What is your go-to stay-at-home look? Do you go all natural? Do you go glam? Or, are you somewhere in the middle, depending on the day? Let me know!

*Lipstick not worn in photo



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