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Erno Laszlo | The Brightening Set

If you follow me on Instagram, then know I recently announced my partnership with Erno Laszlo in their new #LaszloIcon campaign! I could not be more thrilled and thankful for the opportunity to work with such an iconic brand; one that has touched the faces of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O.

As you know, I am a frequent purchaser of their Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask so when they approached me to test out a few of their other products, I was overjoyed! Their team asked if I would be willing to accept one of several skincare kits in return for honest reviews. I of course said yes - especially since they wanted my raw feedback. So, I chose their Brightening Kit which sounded perfect for glowing summer skin.

The first product in the kit was the Erno Laszlo Exfoliate & Detox Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse. The packaging on this is too cool – it looks like there are floating beads in the cleanser! I wish the pump was a bit more user friendly, as it tends to jam, but I think it’s very sleek.

From the brand: The perfect refreshing morning cleanse, this single, innovative formula does the work of two—drawing overnight impurities from pores while smoothing away buildup on the surface. The formula does double duty in another way, too; as an easy, convenient alternative to our signature two-step cleansing system. Formula includes a blend of super fruits to refine and detox skin:

Black Charcoal—encapsulated to remain its most potent until used—works as a magnet to draw out dirt, impurities and pollutants.

Fruit Enzyme Complex harnesses super fruits to clarify and smooth skin.

Kale Protein Blend combines mega-nutrients to restore skin and nourishing its own natural properties, at and below the surface.

The directions say that this can be used as both a cleanser and a mask so that's what I did the first night I tried this. I wet my face with warm water and buffed this in circular motions all over my face and neck. Then, I left it on while I brushed my teeth and, once I was done brushing, rinsed the cleanser off with cool water. My skin felt instantly clean, not too tight and very hydrated.

After a few weeks of use, I think my skin looks about the same. However, I will be keeping this in my rotation because of how clean it makes my skin feel. It truly does feel detoxed and ready for skincare. I also love that this is multi-purpose: a mask and cleanser in one. That alone makes me want to use it more often for double the benefits.

Fun fact:

Dr. Laszlo has created specific skincare routines for the faces of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O and Greta Garbo!

The next product in the kit was a bit controversial for me. Let me explain…

I was gifted the Erno Laszlo Lighten & Brighten White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel and I have to be honest; I had a very tough time with this product. Let’s start from the beginning…

The directions of this one were not as clear as the cleanser. It did not say whether or not I was supposed to use this on wet or dry skin so I opted to start out on dry skin and slowly add warm water as I felt I needed it. I loved the smell of Step 1 (a physical exfoliant) but it was pretty harsh; I can see why they suggest to only use this once a week.

Next up was Step 2: the serum. This smelled fine on its own. But, as soon as I mixed it with Step 1, there was an overwhelming stench of fish. I don't know what happened but it was not great - at all.

You should know that I went back to the Erno Laszlo team and advised them of the fishy odor coming from mixing Step 1 and Step 2. I did not want to put this product on blast before advising them of my discovery. They were kind enough to send me a new batch, however…

The issue still remained; as soon as the two products mixed on my skin there was a fishy odor. This time was not as bad as the first batch but, nonetheless that’s not something I want to use on a regular basis.

I don't know what's causing this as the products individually smell great; at this point, it has to be just how this particular product reacts with my skin and not a fluke like I originally thought.

Funky scents aside, my face felt so baby smooth after this 2-step process. I went to put on my moisturizer and was amazed at how truly soft my face was, I am still in shock! I am really impressed with how soft my skin feels after application! It feels noticeably smoother and looks incredibly bright and glowy.

With that said, would I recommend this $100 product? No, I can’t say I would. I just cannot get past the fact that my face smelled fishy, like a literal fish on my face - really.

I want to take a moment and thank the Erno Laszlo team.

They were amazing when it came to the Vitamin C Peel issue.

Their marketing team went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied.

Not only did they send me a new peel but I also received

I will make sure to review these as well for you all!

While the scrub was a dud, I did thoroughly enjoy the Erno Laszlo Lighten & Brighten Antioxidant Complex For Eyes. This eye complex contains: Mulberry extract to help lighten skin by targeting excess melanin, as well as oxidation (the buildup of sugar proteins that can dull skin); Vitamin C, a powerhouse antioxidant, to strengthen skin and encourage collagen production—a natural boost to skin’s renewal and protective functions; Aloe Vera—a centuries’ old treatment for sunburn and irritation—to replenish lost moisture with skin-plumping hydration.

This is more of a jelly formula than a typical eye cream. I like how hydrating it instantly makes my under eyes look and there is a cooling effect that goes begins as soon as it hits my skin. The only thing I really don't understand is the packaging; it's just a tube of gel without a pump. It just doesn't really seem too hygienic to keep dipping my fingers in and out of the tube and I really do prefer the ease of a pump.

With that said, I do enjoy this product and learned that I like it even more when I store it in the fridge - it takes the cooling effect to the next level!

I know these are all pricey products but I am almost always willing to shell out for my skincare. You only have one face in this life, you have to take care of it!

If I were to recommend one product for another combination, acne prone skin person it would be The Cleanser. I feel that this product gave me exactly what I want in a cleanser and I adore the fact that this is a 2-in-1 product: cleanser and mask.

Thanks again to the EL team for being so generous and proactive when it came to these products. I can't wait to share with you all my results from the other goodies they sent my way - stay tuned!

Do you want to learn more about Erno Laszlo? Click here!



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