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Everything I Bought on Amazon | July 2020

I know, I know - there is a lot of irony in this post given my recent update on my personal challenge for this month...but, I know y'all love Amazon as much as I do so I wanted to share! Here is everything I purchased from Amazon in July*:

It's a long list so hang in there...

July's Home Buys

July's Beauty Buys

July's Miscellaneous Buys

It should not come as a surprise, after seeing this list, when I say that I freaking love Amazon. It's just the best! The next 30 days will be really telling when it comes to my willpower against Amazon purchases. But, I think I can do it!

With that said, let me know if you want to see what I buy from Amazon every month! Comment below, "Let's see it!" if you'd like this post to be a recurring feature on my blog.

*idea from Alex Garza



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