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Halfway Through 2020 | Goals Part Two

I heard someone say that we are halfway through 2020 and it stopped me dead in my tracks. How is that even possible?! It was just NYE!

I can make a lot of excuses as to why my 2020 goals did not carry over month-to-month like I had originally envisioned. But, at the end of the day, I did not make them a priority and that is why they did not work out...

...but that is okay!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have heard me mention this idea of 2020 part two on my stories. I have set "easy" aka realistic goals for the remainder of the year. I just thought about what would benefit me and what I wanted for myself during the second half of the year (and beyond). Here's what I came up with:

  1. Make my bed daily - I have heard for years now that people who make their beds everyday are more productive. The concept is that if you make your bed, you've already checked one thing off of your to-do list for the day. In theory, it makes sense to me but, in practice, it's been tough!

  2. Cut out sugar for at least consecutive 30 days - I cut sugar out completely about 2.5 years ago. I did so cold-turkey and it was horrible! So, this time around, I want to slowly wean myself off of it. I have been feeling more sluggish and tired than usual which - I believe - is directly connected to my increased sugar consumption.

  3. Take a long walk (at least an hour) four times a week - I have fallen into the habit of just walking 10 minutes, each way, to the dog park to let Mack play with some friends. This is great for her but not so good for my fitness goals. So, I plan to take her on long walks first and then to the dog park to play; it seems like the best of both worlds to me!

  4. Put away clothes immediately after they are dry - I have a horrible habit of washing my clothes and then letting them sit in either the dryer or in my hamper for weeks after...I know, I know; it's terrible. I honestly just get so lazy and truly despise hanging my clothes up so I just let it sit there. I think this is similar to the whole bed-making thing. I need to just do it because I will feel more accomplished by completing a small mundane task.

  5. Give myself one compliment every single day - This one will be hard for me as I am not very good at receiving compliments. But, I have noticed that I have been a little hard on myself lately and I want that to change. So, I will be giving myself compliments (on both outside and inside features) on a daily basis so I can grow deeper into my appreciation for the body I have been given.

  6. Keep up with my daily journals - I have been pretty good about journaling for the past few months! It's been very therapeutic for me and it's been fun to look back and see what was on my mind. I want to keep this up so on my list it goes!

  7. Incorporate my devotionals back into my morning routine - I fell off the bandwagon on this one a bit but am determined to pick it back up! I always feel at peace during my devo time so I know I need to bring it back into my morning routine.

I cannot believe that the year 2020 is almost over! When I step back and think about this year, all I can think of is wow. It has been something, that is for sure! Even though there is so much negativity in the world - it is important for me to stay positive or else I can get really lost in my thoughts. If you are wired the same way, I want you to know that I am here to listed. Whether you just need to vent about what you are feeling or you want to just talk some girl talk, I am here!

I encourage you to take 15 minutes to think about what you want for the second half of the year. What are some simple goals you can set for yourself? What are some tough ones? Are you pushing yourself or sitting back and hoping for the best? Whatever your answers are to those questions, you have got this. Seriously, you are awesome! I believe in you! And you are loved!



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