top of page Weekly Round-Up | What You Were Loving This Week | 05.10-05.16

This week's top ten products are quite the mix; from beauty to home essentials, you loved it all!

I instantly fell in love with this! The suction is insane and it's actually fun for me to use. The top comes off so you can use it as a handheld which, for me, is amazing to get the black dog hair off of our cream couch!

This product is one of the most unique in my skincare collection. I think this technique of Gua Sha is one I will add more and more into my routine as my skin gets acclimated to it.

I don't use the words "Holy Grail" lightly...this is really close to being in that category for me! I had this highlight years ago {I remember saving for it and getting so excited to tell my mom I was purchasing!} and was completely obsessed. I ordered another one during the Tarte sale and I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can love it all over again!

I love everything I try by Vital Proteins and when I saw this Spirulina product, I knew I had to try it! Spirulina is said to be a good source of essential minerals, natural energy and Vitamin A which is great for skin.

This product is great for dark circles! I pop just a bit of this under my concealer and I instantly look refreshed.

This was the #1 most-viewed item this week! I saw this dress hanging in the UO window when I was taking my dog for a walk and instantly fell in love; I knew I needed it and it seems like you did too!

I am on my second bottle of this toner because I love it that much! Because I am so fair, acne spots seem to linger much longer than I'd like. This toner really helps to treat them and help those spots heal.

This is the only thing I use when air drying my hair these days and - let me tell you - it works like a charm! This shine creme is perfect for my hair as it doesn't leave it feeling heavy or sticky like some products can. It also keeps my hair looking healthy without looking greasy.

A new addition to my collection, this bronzer is super pretty! It gives a nice healthy glow and you get a good amount of product which you should to justify the $50 price tag.

I love to keep these in the fridge so they are extra cooling upon application! I can get pretty puffy under eyes and these help tremendously.

Thank you so much for your support on my blog, my Instagram and my pages! It is always so fun sharing some of my favorites with you all. Please let me know if there is anything you are looking for that I can assist with!



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