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MaryRuth Organics Elderberry Drops | Gifted

I don't know about you but I have been feeling very 'off' lately. You know the feeling; foggy-headed, sluggish, sinus pressure, headaches. Basically, feeling like you might be getting sick while praying that you don't. That's been me for almost a month.

With that said, I have been looking for something to boost my immune system and bring me back to life. But, it seemed that everywhere I looked, the shelves were cleared out of anything that could help me. But, then I found MaryRuth Organics!

I had seen MaryRuth all over instagram but thought it would be way out of my price point since it's an Organic product. However, I was happily surprised to see that most products were around $30. As I was seeking something for my immunity, I chose to purchase the Elderberry Drops.

The product site states that Elderberries "boast vitamins and nutrients that benefit overall health, including fiber, vitamin A, potassium and vitamin C." I also did a little research of my own and Elderberries are found to be beneficial for reducing inflammation and improving mood. The same research did mention that some people can react poorly to Elderberry and end up with an upset stomach but I did not have that issue {note: I have a very sensitive stomach}.

I took the recommended dose - 2/3 dropper four times per day - for just over one week and I feel like it's actually helped a lot! Like I mentioned, I had been having headaches for the past month and had been stuffy almost daily, like my body is trying not to get sick. Since I've started putting these drops in my water, I have seen a huge improvement! My headaches have completely disappeared and my sinuses have been a lot clearer.

I want to keep testing this product so I can give you my final thought; I will keep you updated as I continue to use the Elderberry Drops! So far, so good!

For more MaryRuth's products, you can visit their website here or their Instagram: @maryruthorganics. #maryruthpartner



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