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Milk Makeup | A Love Hate Relationship

Over the past year or so, I have really grown my Milk Makeup collection. Everything they make intrigues me; their product ideas are innovative and their packaging are drool-worthy. Here are some of my favorite {and least favorite} Milk products:

Lip + Cheek - I am so obsessed with this product! I love to wet my beauty sponge and apply it that way as opposed to using my fingers. I find that this gives me a flawless finish and keeps the foundation underneath in place. Using this on my lips is fine but I like to use other products more than this one.

Matte Bronzer - This was a 'meh' product for me at first. But, the more I played with it and tried applying it a few different ways, I love it! Similarly to the blush, I use a damp sponge to apply this and it gives me a gorgeous healthy glow! While this is matte, the cream texture really makes it look so natural and dewy. I am in love!

Kush High Volume Mascara - OK, this is one that does do it for me. In combination with my L'ORÉAL Primer, this mascara gives my lashes length, volume, pigment and it doesn't smear all under my eyes.

Cooling Water - I really want to love this product but I just don't. I keep this in my fridge to keep it cool and more refreshing but it still is very flat for me. I don't feel that this adds anything to me daily routine but I like to use it on weekend mornings when I'm playing around more with my skincare.

Kush Fiber Brow Gel - This brow gel has quickly made its way into my daily makeup routine. This is similar to the Glossier Boy Brow but it is even a little bit more pigmented. I have to use a very light hand with this product but love how it makes my brows look.

Hydro Grip Primer - I am the most disappointed in this product. Yes, it made my makeup last forever but it also really broke me out. I got bumps all over my face about an hour after applying this. I know so many people love this but it's just not for me.

Cooling Water Eye Patches - I know I said I don't like the Cooling Water, but I love the Eye Patches! I don't know what it is but these are just so much better. I like to keep these in the fridge so they are extra cold when I apply them. I leave the patches on for 20-30 minutes {or however long I feel like it, really} and my eyes instantly depuff and look refreshed. Seriously, can't say enough good things!

Overall, I really do like Milk's products! I think next on my list to try from this brand are: Flex Concealer, Sunshine Skin Tint, Watermelon Serum, Matcha Face Mask, and the Lip Balm. So, basically everything!

What are your favorite Milk products? Let me know in the comments below!



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