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Multi-Color Spring Nails | DIY Manicure Essentials

Yep, I jumped on the Easter/Spring nails bandwagon! If you haven't seen this yet, many influencers and normies (us, regular folk) alike are painting their nails with several different pastel shades. Fun, right? I thought so, so I decided to paint mine too!

For my spring rainbow nails I chose all OPI shades - they are my personal favorite as I feel they last the longest on me - Green, Lilac, Light Pink, White/Pink and Coral. These are all shades I already owned so I decided to use them instead of purchasing more just for this trend. I then topped my nails with Dazzle Dry Top Coat (starting with their Base Coat too!) and my game-changing holy grail OPI Drip Dry Drops.

I love how these Easter nails turned out! They are so fun and really help to lighten my mood in these trying times. What's on your nails? Does having painted or naked nails soothe your soul? Let me know!



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