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My Current Top 5 Beauty Products

I love sharing my new beauty finds with you all - it truly makes me happy!

Below I have shared my current top five favorites* so you too can {hopefully} fall in love with a some new goodies.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in the shade "Perk"

This blush is so amazing! At first I was skeptical; I used this straight on my face and then blended out with my fingers. That didn't really work well for me as I have foundation on under this blush so it just moved my other product around instead of blending in. So, I tried using my Real Techniques Sponge to apply this and it worked like a charm! The shade of this is beautifully bright and coral in the pan but on the cheeks, it's the perfect flush of pink. I love the way this makes my skin glow and it has an extremely long wear time on my skin.

If I use any other moisturizer at night, I can wake up telling the difference. This moisturizer is coconut oil based and it is infused with matcha which is said to be good for inflammation and gently exfoliating the skin. I used this at night only, as it's a bit too oily for my morning routine, and wake up looking refreshed and dewy.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in the shade "Berry"

This is my second tube of balm plus I have my second jar of the lip mask chillin' on my nightstand. I'm not playing around here! This balm is the perfect lippie to throw in my work bag, gym bag or purse. The little-to-none pigment of this balm is actually preferred as I can match it with any look. This product leaves my lips plump, hydrated and feelin' good.

I first saw Jackie Aina use this on her channel and I immediately went out and purchased. It's a little pricey for the size but you really don't need much product to get the job done. To use, take a small pea-sized amount of product on to your finger and rub it across your lips until dry. This is a deep exfoliant but is so silky going on that it's gentle enough for daily use. I especially like to use this before a matte lip and before my lip mask at night.

This came in one of my subscription boxes recently (I'll share more on that soon!) and I fell quickly obsessed. While there is a strong sunscreen smell with this product, it really does a great job at setting makeup while providing me the SPF I am looking for. I also like to use this when I am wearing no makeup on top of my Supergoop! SPF for added sun protection. Sometimes I will even throw this in my beach bag and use it to refresh my skin while in the sun. It's a great multitasker and worth the $36.

What are you loving right now? Are you more skincare or makeup focused at the moment? I feel like I've been more skincare than makeup lately. Tell me your favs below or on my most recent Instagram post!

*post inspired by Lauren Sims



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