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My Sephora Loves | Products I Am Drooling Over

Sephora has this great button you can hit - shaped like a heart - that will save a product in a list for you to reference later; this is called your 'Loves List.' My LL is about a mile long, chalked full of products I am dying to try but just haven't had the budget to do so.

I usually get to try my Loved products when the Sephora Sales happen twice a year and this year was no exception. But, with a limited budget, this leaves me with hundreds of products still waiting on my list. So, I thought it would be fun to share what some of those are and see what you think is worth testing and reviewing!




Like I said, I have tons of products on my 'Loves List,' these are just the items I am really dying to try at this present moment. What is on your list? I would love to know!



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