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Our First Tree! | Decorate With Us

Believe it or not, this is Casey and my first tree together...after eight Christmases together! It wasn't for a lack of wanting a tree but more so the lack of space to store the decorations in the off-season. Our 600-sq. ft. apartment in Chicago barely fit the two of us!

This year, we decided to go the fake route. While I was highly skeptical of fake trees - I grew up with real Christmas trees - I have to admit, ours turned out beautifully!

Before we decorated, we had to set the mood! We cranked our go-to Christmas playlist, lit our pine candle and I poured myself an adult eggnog *wink wink.* Once we had the essentials ready, we dove into decorating.

All of our decor this year is from At Home. We didn't have those in Chicago so for those of you confused - think of Hobby Lobby, meets Home Depot, meets Home Goods. Basically, it's a giant warehouse of decor and I love it so much!

Here's the final product at night (my favorite!) featuring a basketball game I had on in the background - sorry about that!


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