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Sephora Rouge Sale Haul | First Impressions

So, here's the thing...I originally was not going to purchase anything from the sale. I know, can you imagine?! But, then I thought, I can't not get's for the blog! So, I {quickly} caved and picked up a few goodies:

I have been testing this for a few days and so far, my skin looks great! I was a bit nervous to use this with the thought that my skin might get very dry but it's actually been fine. I have been using it every night and when I wake up I feel like my skin is clearer and glowing. I am going to continue to use this and report back once I have a better grasp of how my skin really does with this.

A classic! I am obsessed with this moisturizer but with a $50 price point, I rarely purchase a full-sized bottle. So, when I saw this as a 100 point perk, I snatched it up immediately! This moisturizer smells like an orange Dreamsicle, it's divine! The amount of glow this gives my skin is insane so I like to use this when I am not wearing any makeup so my skin really shines - literally.

This product, and all other LuLu products, had horrible reviews on the Sephora website. So, when I saw it as a sample, I could not resist but getting it to try for myself! I did test this in the store as well and I remember it feeling very silicone-y, almost like a primer - it was weird. I have not tested it out on my face yet but when I do I'll let you know!

This was a freebie and an interesting one at that! I have never used anything CBD (or otherwise) related so I am interested to see how this works.

I was very intrigued by the idea of this product. While I don't think it's new, the concept of brow pencil on one end and highlighter on the other just makes sense! I also like that this is a "Clean at Sephora" product as I want to try more goodies within that category. After testing this for a few days I think I can say...I am a huge fan! This glides on so well and give me really naturally full looking brows. I love the highlight end of this too; I just wish that one was as easy to blend out as the pencil side.

I read the reviews of The Good Brow and the only real complaint I saw was that there was no pencil sharpener included. So, I bought this one! It has one small hole and one large so I can get a lot of use out of this no matter what product I need it for.

The amount of times I've put this in my cart and then found a reason to take it out is astonishing. I decided it was time to try this cult favorite concealer! I have say, now I get it...this is amazing! It's somehow so lightweight and airy yet medium-to-full coverage. I don't know how they do it but I am impressed. I got the shade Vanilla and it's perfect for me - absolutely spot on! I love this and will certainly be purchasing the full-size once this runs out.

I will never forget being told by an esthetician that I had puffy eyes which extended to the tops of my cheek bones. I can't unsee it now! So, I am always looking for products that will calm my puffy under eyes. I was intrigued when I saw these so in my cart they went. I put them in the fridge and popped them onto my under eyes on Monday morning; they seemed to help a lot! The eye masks felt nice on the skin and did help with the puffiness. My one complaint is that they were sliding just a bit as I was making myself coffee and breakfast while they did their thang. Other than that, I really like these!

I think I nailed it with this sale haul! Usually there are one or two duds in there that I end up needed to return, but not this time. I am so happy with everything I picked up! I don't think I can even pick a favorite because they're all so amazing. However, if I was forced to pick on - ya know, if my life depended on it or something - it would be the NARS Concealer. It's just so creamy and long-wearing; I can't get enough!

What did you get during the sale? Or, were you good and stuck to your monthly budget unlike me? Let me know in the comments here or on my Instagram!



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