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Setting My 2020 Goals

I don't know about you but I truly feel like 2020 is going to be my year. There are so many personal and professional goals I have set for myself and I know in my heart I am going to get there.

Today I am hoping to share a little insight with you as to how I set my 2020 goals, what some of those goals are and how I am going to achieve them. Let's get started!

First up is how do I even start to make goals? Well, I took example from Jen Atkin and Katy DeGroot. They set up their 2020 goals like this:

In 2020...

I want to start

I want to learn

I want to Try

I want to continue to

I want to quit

I want to be

I want to have

I'm going to stop

This is a great baseline to figure out what is important to you in order to set your goals. Or, keep these as your goals! Either way, it is a win-win.

I heard in a podcast recently (probably Rachel Hollis) that you shouldn't be calling these 2020 items 'goals' but instead we should refer to these as 'dreams.' When you hear the word 'goal' you think either you met it or you didn't. When you hear 'dream' you think of something you'd like to do and there is less pressure to actually get there. Either way, having some sort of structure and vision for 2020 (and every other year) is important in order to reach your full potential.

For 2020 I have specifically chosen a word for myself. I chose a word that I want to focus on in the year and see how many different ways I can incorporate that word into my daily life. My word is growth. I want to grow in ways I haven't before (ie. traveling to Europe) and continue growing in ways I know I already have put time into (ie. five minutes of quiet time daily).

I have no only set 2020 annual goals but I have broken it down into monthly goals. I will share my January dream with you now; keep in mind my word, 'growth':

  1. Post on my blog & Instagram 15 times this month - I am going to achieve this by posting when I feel like I have something important to share rather than posting just to meet a schedule

  2. Complete 20 CorePower classes this month - I am going to achieve this by setting my workout clothes on the counter the night before so I see them first thing in the morning and/or when I come home from work

  3. Read and finish one book this month - I am going to achieve this by purchasing a book I have had my eye on for quite some time; one that I am excited to read

  4. Listen to one podcast per day this month - I am going to achieve this by pre-downloading episodes so I have them readily available

  5. Journal daily this month - I am going to achieve this by setting my journal out on my coffee table so I see it each morning I go to do my quiet time

While these may seem simple, they are small ways that I can take time for my personal growth. Maybe next month I will set professional growth goals. Whatever it may be, I want all of my goals to focus on making me a better version of myself.

What is your word going to be in 2020? Leave me a comment on my 2020 Goals Instagram post with your 2020 word to enter into my GIVEAWAY!


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