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The Smoothest Skin Ever ft. the Billie Razor

Let me start but admitting the obvious, okay? Instagram algorithms got me on this one. I kid you not when I say I saw probably 20 IG ads a day about the Billie razor. So, I did what any normal person does; I gave in and bought the subscription.

When you first go to the Billie site, you are asked to take a quiz to see which subscription is best for your needs. As I shave a few times per week, Billie suggested I sign up for the bi-monthly option. Then, I got to choose my razor handle color. There are so many pretty shades to choose from but my heart was telling me that Coral was the winner. Nine dollars {and some change} later, my new shaving goodies were on the way!

I do want to mention that, even with all of the shipping restrictions in place at the moment, my order arrived in less than a week; super impressive!

Now, to the good {read: hairy} stuff. I am going to be very honest with you right now; I am a very fair-skinned hairy Italian woman. I struggle with keeping my dark leg hairs at bay. Even when I shave, I can almost always still see little black dots on my pale legs. My armpit hair grows even faster and my thighs have the thickest hair of it all. Like I said, I'm a hairy gal. It takes a lot of upkeep! However...this razor may just be the gamechanger.

I specifically did not shave my legs for several days leading up to my first Billie shave. I wanted to give it a good test! This made from my knees down I noticed just how close of a shave I was getting. The conditioning strip on the razor blade made for a silky smooth shave. So far so good! But, I was most impressed when I got to the thighs. I swear, one pass from knee to hip and I was hair-free. I didn't have to take two or three swipes to get all of the hair; just one. That's when I knew this was going to change my shaving routine.

Once shaved and out of the shower, I did feel a little bit of a burning from the knee down. I think it was from the cool air colliding with the newly-bare skin. It went away after several minutes but was something I was used to so I dealt with it. What I did not expect was how I had zero razor burn. While I did have that stinging razor burn feeling, there were no red and irritated spots anywhere on my legs. This was unheard of for me! I was in shock.

Let me just stop here really quickly and say that if you adore the feeling of bare legs on clean sheets or sweatpants {I know you do!}, I have never felt that feeling more than after I shaved with Billie.

The final test for me was what my legs would like on day two. Like I mentioned, my hair grows back very quickly so imagine my amazement when I woke up with legs that looked like I had just shaved them; what a concept! Not only were they still naked but they were so soft. I mean like, really soft.

At first, I thought this whole Billie thing was a gimmick. Okay, it's a razor. It can't be any better than my Olay x Venus razor that I've been using for years. Well, Madie - you were wrong.

Guys, if you're considering trying Billie, I highly encourage it. With summer quickly approaching us in Chicago, I am thankful to have found Billie when I did. No, this is not an ad {wouldn't that be cool, though?!}. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!



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