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Welcome to Blogmas! | November Favorites

I cannot believe it's already December...when did that happen?!

December is a special time for me on this blog because it means that it's time for Blogmas 🎄 If you're not familiar with Blogmas, it is where bloggers create {usually} daily content for the month of December leading up to Christmas. It's meant to be a fun and lighthearted way to gear up for the holidays while connecting with new and returning readers. Some bloggers like to go about Blogmas strictly on their websites, uploading daily posts. Other bloggers like to post just on Instagram and other social media platforms. This year, I plan to do a combination of both!

Today is Blogmas Day 1 so I decided to kick it off with a November Favorites post! These are personally some of my favorites to read so I love to do them on my page for you. Here are my top eight products from November:

1. This Turtleneck Sweater has been worn non-stop since I got it! I have the green (pictured here) and I'm stalking the Target website to see when the black will be back in stock... I need it!

2. I have been pairing these Faux Fur Mules with almost every outfit this month; I can't get enough! I love to throw these on with leggings and an oversized sweater or jeans and a boyfriend button down. The funny thing is, I used to hate these. Honestly, I thought they were ugly and impractical. I also think everyone owned a pair of these (or something similar) at one point and it really deterred me. I am not sure what changed but I am so happy to have these waiting for me in my closet!

3. OPI Put it in Neutral is a classic neutral-pink nude. I love how versatile this shade is; I can do one layer for a barely-there look or I can do two to three for a more visible nude. OPI is always my go-to for nail polish as I find they last the longest on my nails. And I have the best secret to quick-drying nails...I guess, in the name of Christmas spirit, I can share *wink.*

4. While this product came to me towards the end of the month, I quickly fell in love with the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. If you're looking for dewy, hydrated, glowing skin overnight, this is the moisturizer for you! I use this morning and night in order to get my healthiest looking skin.

5. I have been wearing the L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation every single day this month; literally! I love to mix this glowy foundation in with my favorite primer to get a naturally flawless base. I feel like this foundation can be built up or sheered out (how I usually wear it) to fit the look you're going for so it's perfect for everyone!

6. This Zak 30oz Tumbler is perfect if you're like me and struggle with your water intake. Most days, I really do just forget to drink anything at all. It's a horrible habit I've fallen into but since using this tumbler I have found myself drinking so much more water. I seem to drink even more when I add straws into the mix so I go ahead and toss one of those in as well.

7. Candy Cane Hershey Kisses have become my weakness...seriously they are so good! I have always had a huge sweet tooth so I find myself reaching for these far too often. But, I am pretty sure they are seasonal so I am going to enjoy them while they are available!

8. Okay, I know I just talked about drinking more water. But, have you tried Zevia Root Beer? I gave up pop (or 'soda' for the non-midwesterners) years ago but I still crave carbonation. Normally, I would just reach for a sparkling water to indulge that craving but now I go for these! They are pretty much zero everything: sugar, carbs, fat, sodium, calories, etc. Granted, I do not count calories or really contemplate the other 'zero' items in my daily life, but I do like knowing that this is a healthier alternative to something I once loved so much!

What were some of your favorite products last month? Were you all about clothing? Food? Makeup? I'd love to know!


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