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What to Buy From the Tarte Sale | LTKDay

The biggest question I get when it comes to a sale is, "what should I get if I only want to spend $X?" That is such a good question and one I want to address when it comes to Tarte's collaborative sale with, known as LTKDay.

Tomorrow, Tarte will be offering 20% off and Free Shipping on all orders made through Yep, you read that correctly - this is a sale only; you will not be able to take advantage of this 20% off + Free Shipping deal without downloading the free app. Below is an example of how you can both find me on the app and shop the products in my photos:

For the sake of me not accidently giving you the wrong sale price (I am admitting defeat by my math skills) I am going to give my suggestions based on the original price of the items.

Under $20

This is the best time, in my opinion, to try out mini versions of products. If you want to try a lot on a budget, I definitely suggest you go this route. Here is what I would choose (based on personal experience):

Between $20-30

These are the run of the mill products, "normal size," like blush, bronzer and the cult-favorite Shape Tape Concealer.

Over $30

Here's where you're going to either splurge a bit on a single product or get more bang for your buck on items like eyeshadow palettes.

You can shop all of these products on sale on LTKDay, tomorrow (Sunday 7/19)! Please feel free to reach out and let me know if you need any help navigating the sale or finding the right products for your lifestyle!



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