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30 Day No Buy Challenge | Shopping My Stash

It hit me today that our cross-country move is less than 60 days away...woah! This also means my wallet is about to get a shock with how much moving, and all that comes with it, is going to cost us. So, I decided to be 'good' and challenge myself to 30 days of no excessive spending.

For me, 'excessive spending' is makeup, skincare, clothing, random Amazon purchases I don't really need. Since payday is tomorrow, now is the time to crack down.

I plan on doing daily check-in's with you all to 1) keep myself accountable and 2) hold you accountable if you'd like to join in this challenge with me! Just comment "I'm in" on this Instagram post if you're up for the challenge.

Let's start this at the top of the month, August 1, and keep it going until the 31st. I'm going to be using the tracker(s) below to keep up with the challenge. You can download the printable no-spend sheet here.

Goodluck to you (and, honestly to me too!) on this challenge. I know you can do it!



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