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Home Renovation | Kitchen Inspiration

Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to inspiration. I couldn't get enough of it while I was wedding planning and planning a kitchen renovation is proving to be no different. Here are some pieces of inspiration I am drawn to while planning the renovation of our very brown and boring early two-thousands kitchen.

White Quartz

We love the look of the white countertops. But, we know that Marble is super porous which means any

time I spill while cooking, which is a lot, the chances of stains are great. But, with Quartz, we can get a similar look with more durability.

Right now we have white cabinets and I think the white on white will really bring additional light into our space. Another thing I like about this photo specifically is the dark island cabinets. At the moment, our island is an older-looking chestnut brown color. Which is pretty in it's own right but it's just not really "us." So, we love the idea of a really fresh and crisp kitchen with a pop of color on the island.

We recently went to a local countertop and tile shop and fell in love with a quartz that looks a lot like the one pictured. In fact, the cabinets they had displayed with this quartz is almost identical. We adore the contrast of the dark and light and the texture of the veins in this quartz is everything.

Modern Backsplash

Well, modern-ish is probably the better term for what we're looking at. Casey (my husband) loves anything ultra modern. I, however, prefer a classic and timeless look with a splash of farmhouse. So, it's been interesting to see how we're able to combine the two preferences while putting our touches on our home.

At the countertop and tile store, we found a lot of really neat backsplashes and came up with a ton of

inspiration for other rooms in our home. For example, we found this incredible copper hexagon tile that will look killer in a bathroom.

But, for our kitchen, we are really leaning towards something white with a bit of sparkle to satisfy Casey's modern vibes; something like this (left). It has the white, almost marbled-looking tiles mixed with some mirrored pieces in a fun pattern. I think this will help break up the white countertops on white cabinets well. I also can't wait to see how the mirrored pieces will reflect the morning and evening sun that pours into our kitchen. If we do go with this one, it will be beautiful!

Creamy White Paint

Again with the white, I know, but I really do think this space will open up with all of the white! And, ya know what, if we hate it then we re-paint!

We recently painted our front sitting room Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams and we love it! It's a beautiful creamy white that really makes the room feel cozy and bright. It looks a lot more white than cream in person so if you're interested, I suggest buying a little sample and testing it on your walls. We plan to use this color throughout most of the house as it's all various shades of brown at the moment. While I respect the choice the previous owners made to paint everything brown, it's just not us.

While there is much to do in the kitchen, I think starting here with paint, backsplash and counters will give it the immediate facelift we're looking for. If you want to follow my kitchen inspirations, follow me on Pinterest. All of my creative juices come from there so let's get creative together!



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