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Black Lives Matter

I am still not sure that now is the "right" time to come back to blogging. But, I recognize that I have been absent from and quiet in this space for long enough and it's time to speak up. I apologize for not posting on this platform sooner.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I have been posting almost daily but not about makeup or skincare. I have been posting and reposting #BlackLivesMatter.

Let me state that I know that simply posting #BLM is not now, and never will be, enough. I appreciate your patience with me as I grow and strive to be and do better.


I feel like I am usually good with my words but, I'll be honest, I don't really know what to say about The Nation's recent events - specifically, George Floyd's murder by police.

I know there is no perfect way to address this, especially as a White Heterosexual Woman. But, I want to make sure I make myself perfectly clear: I stand by the Black, African-American, Latinx and LGBTIQA+ communities. I recognize that I cannot and will not ever know exactly what these groups of people deal with on a daily basis. However, I stand by each one of them and strive to learn more and do better when it comes to being an ally.

Here are some resources I have come across and have been utilizing to soak in as much about racism and discrimination in this country.

Please, take the next few moments to reflect on how you can be a better ally for all people who are different than you. Or, people in your community you wish to better understand. Additionally, if you know of and/or would like to share any resources, please comment below, send me an email or DM me. I personally want to learn more and I want this to be a place for us all to come together, share ideas and become better supporters.



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