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Sephora Rouge Sale Haul | What Worked and What Didn't

Let's start with the product I was most excited for...I currently use their Serum Skin Tint every single day so I really wanted to see if this was the medium-full coverage version of that. Spoiler: it's not. This foundation, for whatever reason, dried out my skin so much that it hurt. I am really confused on how that works because 1) my skin is combination 2) this is a serum foundation which, to me, sounds like it would leave me on the oily side. With all that said, this was ultimately returned.

Blogger Dani Austin recommended this on Instagram and I immediately was intrigued. Her skin is always glowing but I had never made a purchase based on her recommendation before so I was a little nervous to try this primer. Plus, you know I love my First Aid Beauty primer so it felt a little dirty trying anything else. But, I am so pleasantly surprised by this priming oil! First thing I noticed was the spa-like smell. You know the one; eucalyptus and lavender that instantly sends you into a tranquil headspace. Yep, that's it! This primer was also pretty tacky so it really grips onto the foundation/base you apply on top. And the, just wow! I would give this a 10/10 without a doubt.

I always thought I was too fair to use these drops. I assumed that they would turn me orange and/or be super highlight-y on the skin. But, they actually give me a beautiful glow and a little goes a long way so I think I'll get my money's worth.

Blogger Michaela Podolsky showed her hair before and after using this rinse, in place of shampoo, and it only took me 10 seconds to go onto Sephora's website and order. I have only used this once but my review is mostly positive. My hair (after blow drying) is way more shiny than normal and it feels incredibly soft. My only concern is that my roots do look a bit oily. I am thinking that maybe I left this product in my hair for too long right out of the gate or maybe I didn't rise as well as I thought I did. I'll keep you updated but I would say this is a maybe buy again.

I have had my eye on this, again, for years. As someone who has had sunburnt eyelids, this product seemed like a Godsend. But, the shade was way too cool for me and it really washed me out. Plus, the product immediately creased and didn't stick down well so it ended up all over my hands. Unfortunately, this was also returned.

I first got this as a sample years ago and really loved it. But, I kept forgetting to snag it during the 20% off sale so I always said, 'maybe next year!' This was the year, girl. This product is not hydrating in the least so I have to use a moisturizer in combination with it. Ideally, I use this and then top it off with a half and half combo of my Ultra Repair Cream and Glowscreen. This gives me the SPF protection, glow and hydration I am looking for especially on a no-makeup-makeup day.

This used to be the perfect shade for me. But, they one-million-percent changed the color and it leans much more purple than before. Needless to say, this was returned.

I saw Jamie Paige rave about this shadow, and shade specifically, on one of her recent YouTube videos where she reviewed several products from the Kosas brand. While she, and the Sephora website, described 'Globe' as a champagne color, it is much more copper on me. It is still stunning, don't get me wrong! But, I wish it was a touch more on the champagne side. I'm still playing around with it but first impression is a 8/10.

I normally hate any sort of floral scent. In fact, I didn't like the smell of this at all before I actually put it on my body. If you saw my IG Live, you'll see the concerning face I made when I smelled this in the tube. But, once I put this on my forearm, I had a complete change of heart! This smells like springtime to me: sweet, floral and fresh without being overpowering. I use this almost daily, even if we're just running errands, and will likely repurchase!

I have been using the Drybar Prep Rally spray for about two years now and was ready to try something new. I love IGK's dry shampoos so this seemed like a safe bet. Thankfully, I was right! The smell of this spray is amazing - so fresh and yummy. It also does a great job of detangling and defrizzing. I can tell that my hair is more protected when using this as it doesn't smell like it's burning or look dull after using hot tools on it. I am really enjoying this so far and will likely repurchase!

This is a classic, a staple, a must-have amazing product. It literally does make your face (or wherever you put it) look airbrushed. Since I am trying to lean more towards 'clean' products, I only ordered the mini version to take with me for our engagement pictures and other special events. If you know of a great 'clean' dupe, please let me know!

This single-handedly grew my brow tails. I swear, it's like magic in a tube! If you are struggling with your brow shape or fullness, give this a try and see how well it works for you.

I love the 100 point reward perks at Sephora. The number of times I've loved a product after receiving a sample is amazing. On the opposite end, the number of times I've been able to try before I buy and end up not loving it, has been a huge money-saver. This product will be one of those that I likely go back and purchase because it gives the most beautiful natural lash effect! This doesn't run on my oily under eyes and it keeps my lashes long, dark and full throughout the day. I probably won't use this on days that I 'dress up,' but it's my go-to when wanting a fresh face.

What did you purchase during the Sephora sale? Do sales like this one intimidate you? Let me know how I can help and be supportive when the next sale comes up!



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