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Workin' On My Fitness | Tone It Up

Ok, I'll admit it; I haven't properly worked out since September {2020}. I've made a lot of excuses as to why: 'We're in the middle of a move!' 'I'm settling into Washington first before I start working out again.' 'There are no yoga studios open near me!' 'I just can't find the time in my day.'

Well, it's time to stop with the excuses. I realized that I just needed to suck it up and make time for me. Not to be 'fit' or to get on the #newyearnewme bandwagon, but for my mental health. And, let me tell you...after only one workout post-hiatus, I am craving the endorphins!

Let me step back. I decided to re-join Tone It Up. I used TIU a lot in college and then again in 2017 for a few months, while I was trying to reach a personal goal, and then for a hot second in early 2019. I can't tell you why I stopped; I don't know why. But, I loved how I felt after every workout so I knew that's what I wanted to entrust my body to.

So, to start off this new chapter in my fitness journey, I decided to join the TIU Toned Body, Toned Mind program. This is a four-week program that focuses on yoga, meditation and self-care. All three are things that really helped me in 2020 so I decided to get serious about it again now.

I share my starting this TIU program not in a braggadocious manner, oh, look at me, I'm working out. But, rather as a way to put this intention of daily yoga practice into the world and to keep myself accountable.

If you also want to stay accountable, let me know and we can lift eachother up. No matter what you're working towards this year, in this moment, go all in!



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